Five different types of Facebook users

Five different types of Facebook users

Do you love the social media App as much as we do? Well, let’s see if you can identify yourself!

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Martin Bester received a 4x4 bakkie this weekend from his favourite car brand and wanted to post about it on Facebook.

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He then decided against it. However, he did realise there are different types of Facebook people you would have come across at some time or another on your friends' list.

1.   The Lurker

Never likes or post but reads everything and knows what’s happening

 2.   The Hyena

This person never, ever says anything but laughs and LOL’s at everything they see and read on Facebook

3.     Mr. Popular

This social media user has 5 000 friends for no reason!

4.    Doesn’t proofread their posts

Martin Bester cannot understand why someone would post something that does not make sense

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People on Facebook told Breakfast with Martin Bester what irritates them on Facebook.

Do you know of a typical Facebook user?

Let Martin Bester know in the comment section below.

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