Food items are getting pricier in South Africa, especially ginger

Food items are getting pricier in South Africa, especially ginger

Ginger – which is a seasonal and labour-intensive crop – is seeing supply constraints.

Ginger prices up
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Have you noticed the price increase of certain food items in South Africa? 

You haven’t imagined it. Fruits, oils, and fats are among the big food categories that are driving food prices higher. 

There’s a big demand for ginger and non-alcoholic beverages. 

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Food Lovers’ Market issued a statement on 14 January 2021 saying: “The price of ginger is expected to rise in the coming weeks. The escalation in price is due to an increase in demand and a shortage of supply, which has an influence on market prices.

“With the advent of another second COVID-19 wave, we’ve seen the popularity of ginger increase as consumers seek to bolster their immune system by including ginger in juices, soups and extracts.

“These factors have in turn increased the price of the imported ginger at the fresh produce markets, which then has a direct effect on retail prices.”

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There’s good news though. The price escalation will be temporary as the local season is set to start in the next three weeks. 

In terms of other grocery items, sugar, sweets, and desserts rose 8.4%, meat was up 7.3%, and milk, eggs, and cheese saw a rise of 6.4%. Bread and cereals now cost 5% more according to Business Insider SA.

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