Friday Live: Jesse Clegg performs 'Today'

Friday Live: Jesse Clegg performs 'Today'

The South African musician Jesse Clegg performed 'Today' on Friday Live. 

Jesse Clegg
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The South African musician, Jesse Clegg, performed one of his hit singles, 'Today', on Friday Live. 

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Clegg also spoke about his brand new single, 'Waiting For The Outcome'.

The new single is a heartfelt song about finding strength through loss and taking the journey to gain closure and celebrate life.

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“It’s a very personal song to me and was written in a moment in my life where I had to come to terms with losing someone - and it was really important for me to capture the emotion of the words visually," Clegg said.

"The song deals with the complicated feeling of loss – on the one hand, there is sadness and fear of change, but there is also something empowering about facing these big moments in life and trusting yourself to get through it.”

Watch the performance below: 

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