Good Morning Angels: Help for the dog Angel of Soshanguve

Good Morning Angels: Help for the dog Angel of Soshanguve

Julia Hlangoana, 30, from Soshanguve is a single mom of two, aged nine and seven.

GMA 1 September 2021
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BACKGROUND: She was born and bred in Shoshanvuge, north of Pretoria. She receives a government grant for her children and does piece-jobs when she can find them. Despite having very little income, Julia has a burning passion and love for animals. She and her two children have two dogs of their own. She noticed some stray dogs on the rubbish dumps in the area and started to feed them, too. Now, Julia feeds about 20 stray dogs in her area every morning and evening. She also goes from house to house to feed another 40 dogs and cats, as many residents don’t always have the means to feed their pets. On Sundays, Julia bathes the strays.

She buys dog food, pap, ‘dewormer’, dog shampoo, and powder with her own money, even though she has so little. News of her work has reached some other animal lovers like Cindy van Aswegen, who assists Julia with dog food donations. When the dogs need medical care, she carries them to Wollies - the closest animal shelter to her. Julia also wants to take a few of the female dogs to be spayed, but she cannot afford this. When Cindy recently asked Julia what she wanted for her birthday, her reply was: shampoo and tick & flea powder for the dogs. She simply loves looking after and working with the animals. Cindy reached out to Good Morning Angels on Julia’s behalf for some Angel assistance for this doggie Angel of Soshanguve. 

REQUEST FOR: Julia Hlangoana from Soshanguve

REQUEST FROM: Cindy van Aswegen 

ANGEL 1:  Allan Pennel, vice-captain of the Northern Nomads Golf Club

SPONSORING: The Northern Nomads will assist Julia with R20,000 in food, shampoo, and other necessities she may need for the many dogs she cares for. 

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC 

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Julia, on behalf of the Jacaranda FM listeners, with another R10,000 for food and necessities for herself and her two children.


Meet Julia: our own dog whisperer 

Good day angels,

Hope you well and safe. 

Today, I write this mail to try and see if we can help a very special lady, 

Julia is a single mom and lives in Shoshanguve. What makes her so special is that she has a heart of gold, and a big love for animals.

I came across Julia via a friend who lives close by telling me about this angel.

Julia feeds almost 30 street dogs every morning and evening, and never turns anyone away who asks for food for their dogs. She earns almost nothing and every single spare cent she has, goes towards looking and caring after these animals. On her birthday I asked her what she wanted…and THIS is what made me realise there is walking angles among us. Her answer – dog shampoo and thick/flea power to wash all the dogs ☹ 

She is not asking for much, just food to feed these street dogs, shampoo and dewormers etc. to keep them healthy. Please see below photos, this is how she spends her Sundays 

Please consider assisting Julia, all she asks for is some food as she has a puppy influx and is trying to steri them, but she needs puppy food. 

My wish is that you see this mail and can assist Julia, as I don’t know how else to thank her for helping were help is so needed.

Thank you!

Cindy van Aswegen  

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