Good Morning Angels: Life has been a battle for young mother, then Covid-19 took her child

Good Morning Angels: Life has been a battle for young mother, then Covid-19 took her child

Life has been tough for Sindiswa when she and her two daughters ended up in a shelter after losing everything they had. 

gma 1 OCTOBER 2020

BACKGROUND: Sindiswa is a young mother from Welkom in the Free State. She has been scraping by and trying to make a life for her and her two daughters aged 4 and 6.

But a few months ago, Sindiswa suffered the worst loss imaginable… her four year old daughter was diagnosed with COVID-19 after struggling to breathe. She died two weeks later.  

Sindiswa knows that her six-year old daughter depends on her for everything. She went from door-to-door to ask for food and work. People in the community did not want her to come near them, as they feared she too had COVID-19.

Sindiswa recently got a job that pays R600 a month, and this she says, is better than what she had.

While knocking on doors, Sindiswa’s path crossed with that of Mojalefa Mothupi. She burst into tears when he said he could not help her with a job. He felt so bad hearing her story, that he vowed to get help for her - and that’s when he wrote to Good Morning Angels. 

REQUEST FOR: Sindiswa Mgqaluza 

REQUEST FROM: Mojalefa Mothupi  

ANGEL: LottoStar … with love

SPONSORING: LottoStar is joining forces with Good Morning Angels with a special "With Love” fund to give added assistance to as many people as possible during this challenging COVID-19 pandemic. From this fund, LottoStar will help Sindiswa with R20,000 to help her get back on her feet and to take care of six-year old's school needs, food, a fridge, and other necessities.


Hi Good Morning Angels,

I love Jacaranda FM not only because it plays the best music but also has a big heart…with Good Morning Angels I do catch it Via the App when I'm at work, while I'm home I listen to it Via DSTV.

I Mojalefa would like to nominate Sindiswa. Sindiswa fell on hard times and has been struggling to make ends meet.  A few years ago she lost everything she had and was taken into a shelter with her 2 children. Her Second born child was having a problem due to trouble breathing - that's where Sindiswa started to notice that her child is sick. She took her to hospital only to find out at the hospital that the child has a known exposure to Covid-19. Two weeks later, she lost her one child who was fighting a battle against Covid-19 pandemic. The girl was 4 years old. It was so painful to her as mother - no words to describe the pain she endures every day. She couldn’t find any work and found herself begging at neighbour's door for 5 months to ask for any job they can offer her. Neighbours were afraid to offer her anything at the time thinking that she also got the virus.

Sindiswa has managed to find work, which she is extremely grateful for but her monthly salary of R600, as a single mum with 1 kid, doesn’t go a long way.

Sindiswa is embarrassed to send her child to school with torn clothing and holes in her shoes. Sindiswa says her 6-year-old daughter says “Mum I know we are poor and it’s okay for me to wear torn clothes" but Sindiswa knows her daughter is mocked each day in school because of her torn clothes.

Sindiswa knows the end of the year is looming, which means registration fees at school and stationary as well as school clothes.

Sindiswa also says her kid is used to having not much for Christmas, as she knows her mum struggles to put food on the table.  Currently, Sindiswa has a problem with her fridge, (to most people a fridge is not a luxury item but a necessity, but in Sindiswa’s life she says it is a luxury item.) Her really old fridge stops working every month and she has to leave it off for 3 days and hope and pray it will work again. She says so far, our dear Lord has been answering that prayer. Any help from Good Morning Angels will be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you,


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