Have you experienced the 'quiet promotion' trend hitting SA?

Have you experienced the 'quiet promotion' trend hitting SA?

You’ve heard of ‘quiet quitting’, but do you know the new ‘quiet promotion’ trend hitting South Africa?

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Earlier this year, the words ‘quiet quitting’ were on everyone’s lips. The quiet quitting trend emerged after COVID-19 shut down most of the world.

This trend sees employees purposefully doing the bare minimum requirements for their job without adding additional time or effort at their workplace.  

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‘Quiet promotion’, on the other hand, is almost the exact opposite.

As reported by Business Tech, the new ‘quiet promotion’ trend is when employees are asked to take on more duties and responsibilities without receiving additional compensation or an actual promotion.

This could also be described as a situation where hard-working employees are “punished” for their success by being given more work and responsibilities instead of being recognised and rewarded for their contributions.

‘Quiet promotion’ could have dire consequences not only for the employees but also for businesses. 

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The new trend could lead to burnout and decreased job satisfaction, which ultimately would lead to a higher turnover of staff.

Avoiding ‘quiet promotion’ requires employees to take proactive steps like effective communication, managing workload, negotiating for recognition and rewards, seeking help and support, and speaking up.

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