Here’s how to spot stolen avocados

Here’s how to spot stolen avocados

There are some ways to check whether avocados are stolen.


According to reports, the theft of avocados is on the rise in South Africa. 

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Most fruit thieves reportedly target a cluster of farms and pick on the edges of the farms by the side of the road, where it is easier to load the fruit.

Business Insider spoke to Richardt Bouwer, a general farm manager for Richbok, an avocado farm located in Witvlag, Limpopo, about the theft of avocados. 

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According to Bouwer, there are ways to check whether avocados have been stolen. 

If the fruit is without a piece of the stem attached to it, it was likely stolen. 

If it rots instead of ripening, it may have been stolen before maturing.

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