How to make the popular Scottish ‘Atholl Brose’ beverage

How to make the popular Scottish ‘Atholl Brose’ beverage

Do you want to know how to make the perfect Atholl Brose? A Scottish Breakfast with Martin Bester listener has the ingredients! 

Athol in brose ingredients

Martin Bester has been enjoying a lot more healthy foods and was telling Liesl Laurie and Elma Smit about the delicious vegetarian dishes that he’s been making. 

The Breakfast host spoke about oat milk and Scottish listener, Karen Mclaughlin, contacted us suggesting a traditional Scottish beverage containing oat milk. 

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Atholl Brose 

Atholl Brose is a Scottish drink obtained by mixing oatmeal brose, honey, whisky, and sometimes cream. When made with cream, the drink is similar to Baileys Irish Cream. Atholl Brose has also become an alternative name for the dessert Cranachan, which uses similar ingredients.


900g Oats

1200ml water

450ml cream

300ml Whiskey

4 TBS honey or to taste  

How to make the Scottish beverage

Sleep oats in water for two days

Strain through a cloth which makes 600ml

Add cream, whiskey and honey, or more of you need it sweeter. Store in the fridge, and you need to use it all because it doesn’t keep because of the cream. Obviously you can make less, but then again – who would want less? 

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