Powerhouse Elma Smit releases book, 'Become an Influencer'

Powerhouse Elma Smit releases book, 'Become an Influencer'

Do you need to be popular to make money from social media? Not at all!

Elma Smit - Become an Influencer

In Become an Influencer, one of South Africa’s leading content creators and influencers spills the beans on how to build a loyal audience, how to charge for paid campaigns, and how to avoid running into a social media meltdown.

Liesl Laurie, Maps Maponyane, Rachel Kolisi, Nadia Japhta, and a whole host of other leading influencers also reveal their influencer secrets, tips, and hard-won lessons to Elma, while leading strategists who select influencers for global and local campaigns share what they look for in an influencer.  

Elma Smit is an influencer herself and has intimate knowledge of what it means to be an influencer. The book is a self-help guide with real-life scenarios which can help you! 

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Elma Smit says: "If you have an interest, you can turn that interest into a community of followers. That community does not have to be 1000’s of followers. You can be a micro influencer."

Listen to examples Elma Smit gave on Breakfast with Martin Bester on how to become an influencer below: 

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