"It was very scary" - International actor hijacked in South Africa

"It was very scary" - International actor hijacked in South Africa

The incident happened in 2004 and it has resurfaced on social media.

Benedict Cumberbatch breakfast
Source: Twitter/@Zanemali_

Benedict Cumberbatch achieved international recognition with the first series of 'Sherlock' in 2010

The Emmy Award-winning actor was a guest on the TV show, ’Top Gear’. 

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The 'Doctor Strange' actor spoke to Jeremy Clarkson about his ordeal in South Africa. 

The actor said: ‘I was genuinely carjacked. I was very scared. My tyre blew and these guys were behind us. I was put in the boot of the car at one point. The ordeal went on for two hours.”

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At the end of the interview, the actor said he came to terms with mortality and dying that night, however, he would still recommend South Africa as a top traveling destination.

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Image credit: Twitter/@Zanemali_

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