Martin Bester takes a drive in the Bajaj Qute

Martin Bester takes a drive in the Bajaj Qute

Take a drive with us and find out more about the Bajaj Qute. 

Martin Bester reviews car
Source: Jacaranda FM

Here are a few more interesting facts about the newcomer that has South Africans' tongues wagging. 

Martin Bester had a first-hand experience with the Bajaj Qute, currently classified as a quadricycle. What this means is that the vehicle is defined by limitations in terms of weight, engine power, and speed. We filmed this fun experience so you know what you're getting when you buy this newcomer. It has been rumoured to cost as little as R150 per month, but that of course isn't true. The car retails at R75,000 but you can get it for R10,000 less for a limited time. 

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The Qute is designed to be a versatile vehicle that can suit multiple first and last-mile transportation needs. You can use it as a regular taxi in a crowded metro city or as a personal vehicle in a rural town. The vehicle has a 217cc petrol engine and can go at a maximum speed of 70 km/h. The vehicle can seat the driver as well as three passengers. 

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Martin Bester drove the Qute for the first time and is going to tell you all about it in the video below:

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