Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund: Rarebear Project

Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund: Rarebear Project

Jacaranda FM will equally distribute R500 000,00 from the Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund to organisations in the form of AngelRands.

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BACKGROUND: Kagiso Media, owners of Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio, have put together the KM Hunger Relief Fund to assist communities in need during the drawn-out Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa. The most basic need remains - food. Over the next two weeks, Jacaranda FM will give a platform to four organisations per day, who actively work within afflicted communities to feed the thousands of families who currently cannot earn a living. We want to know who these community Angels are and how our listener community can assist them. 

Rare Bear Project: R12,500 in AngelRands from the KM Hunger Relief Fund.

Rare Diseases SA runs a program in KyaSands called the Rare Bear Project. During the lockdown, they have joined forces with Saigon Suzy (a local restaurant) to try to feed the 40 women of this project and their families. Due to lockdown, they were all unable to earn an income and were literally starving. We visited them 3-4 times per week with four containers of wholesome, nutritious food that they could take home to their families as well.

Being an NPO, we are not receiving any financial support from the government and we do not know how long we can continue the work that we do. This will not only affect our Rare Disease patients, but also the women from Cosmo City, KyaSands and their families who create bears to raise funds, as an income.

We would love some assistance in being able to continue the work we are doing. 

You can donate:

Banking Details

Name:   Rare Diseases South Africa NPC

Bank:  FNB 

Account:  624 11658 034 

Branch:  251655 (Fourways)

REF: COVID support 

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