Kenyan man makes history with unique innovation

Kenyan man makes history with unique innovation

A 25-year-old Kenyan made history after he designed smart hand gloves which are capable of converting sign language movements into audio speech.

Kenyan man earns global recognition after smart glove innovation
Screenshot / Nairobi News

A Kenyan man has made history - and Breakfast with Martin Bester is extremely proud of him!

Roy Allela has invented hand gloves to communicate with his six-year-old niece, who was born deaf.

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The smart gloves have flex sensors on each finger that have the ability to process the sign being bent. 

The gloves connect to a smartphone using Bluetooth, which converts the signs of his niece into audio speech.  

"He actually sat down and used his time and his will to live to do something positive. That's the kind of stuff I love!" Martin Bester said proudly.

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