Liesl Laurie challenges the Miss SA Top 16

Liesl Laurie challenges the Miss SA Top 16

The Miss SA Top 16 joined former Miss SA Liesl Laurie on Breakfast with Martin Bester for some Friday fun!

Miss South Africa

On Thursday, the Miss SA 2019 Top 16 was officially announced in Johannesburg. 

The beautiful women come from all around the country and are ready to represent Mzansi. 

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Liesl Laurie invited the ladies to the studio for some Friday fun. 

The Breakfast with Martin Bester team divided the Top 16 into groups of four. 

The first group was challenged to play the adult version of the kid's quizz, 'Brainiac'.

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The second group had to read the traffic with plastic mouth guards!

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The third group had to play 'Would You Rather' - and it was hilarious!

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