Long-time naturist Vongani Nkuna bares all during interview

Long-time naturist Vongani Nkuna bares all during interview

Vongani Nkuna and his wife have been living and loving the naturist lifestyle for six years.

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According to Vongani Nkuna, the lifestyle change has been calming and uplifting, and he explained that there is a huge amount of value in it.

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Their lifestyle choice has not been smooth sailing, though.

Friends and family were shocked when they found out, but what riles Vongani up more are the myths surrounding naturism.

During the interview, Nkuna wanted to clarify the misconception that naturism is not a sexual thing and is about connecting with natural states of being.

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Nkuna and his wife have since joined the Gauteng Naturist Association, which has helped them connect with other naturists.

Watch the interview below:

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