UPDATE: Local man rides behind fuel truck in a trolley

UPDATE: Local man rides behind fuel truck in a trolley

Authorities in Gauteng are trying to locate a man who was filmed sitting in a shopping trolley on the N1 while holding onto the back of a fuel tanker.


A video showing a man riding behind a huge fuel truck in a trolley has left people shocked and amused.

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The video shows a man wearing a brightly coloured jacket sitting in a trolley, holding onto a truck driving down the highway.

The man seemed to be utterly unfazed while being pelted by heavy rain and the spray from the back of the truck, and when people drove close to him, he smiled.

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People rushed to the comments saying: “I have so many questions…” and “I see how it started, now can I see the ending, please”.

According to Jacaranda FM News police are looking for the man riding in the trolley, and they have issued a "stern warning" against dangerous acts on the road.

Watch the shocking video below:

Image Credit: Twitter

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