LOOK: Adele wore something very unusual while performing

LOOK: Adele wore something very unusual while performing

While performing on stage at London's BST Hyde Park Festival, Adele revealed a very interesting outfit choice...


Grammy winner Adele headlined London's BST Hyde Park Festival.

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For the occasion, the 'Easy On Me' singer wore a breathtaking Schiaparelli gown. The black velvet dress went down all the way to the floor with glittering fabric making up the skirt and a gold belt cinching her waist. 

However, in typical Adele fashion, the Grammy winner opted to wear something a little more comfortable than high heels. 

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During her performance, the singer revealed that was wearing a pair of ribbed black socks. The floor-length dress covered the socks, which she revealed as she was sitting by a piano. 

“I was told it was going to be slippery so wore these just in case,” she told the crowd, before continuing on with the show.

Look here:

Fans also applauded Adele after she stopped the show when she noticed that someone in the audience needed assistance. The superstar stopped her performance and called for security to assist the distressed audience member. 

"Right in the middle there, can you see where they’re all waving? Can you see over there? Can you get in there," she asked the staff. "They’re coming, they’re coming, they’re coming right through now," she assured the distressed fans. 

Look as she stopped her performance:

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