Martin Bester talks to the Grammy Award-winning Gwen Stefani!

Martin Bester talks to the Grammy Award-winning Gwen Stefani!

We cannot wait to be spoiled with more music from Gwen Stefani in 2021! 

Gwen Stefani Slow Clap
Source: Universal Music

The world went into lockdown in 2020 and for most musicians, it gave them time to write new music.

One of those being Gwen Stefani, who seems to be enjoying the process immensely.  The lead singer of ska-punk band No Doubt has been enjoying a solo career since 2004 and she recently spoke to Breakfast with Martin Bester about her upcoming music! 

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’Slow Clap’ is the new single by Gwen Stefani and was released in March 2021. Stefani’s vulnerable lyrics about embracing resilience and staying confident while feeling like the ‘underdog’ are at the core of this single.

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The multi-platinum solo artist told Martin Bester that “it looked like an outdoor wedding” when talking about the Grammys this year. South Africa's very own Trevor Noah hosted the glitzy night. 

It was such a fun conversation. Listen to it below. 

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