Tones and I chats to Breakfast with Martin Bester live from Melbourne

Tones and I joins Breakfast with Martin Bester live from Melbourne

Tones and I joined Breakfast with Martin Bester on Monday morning for a chat.

Tones and I breakfast
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Every now and then a song plays on the radio and it takes you by complete surprise. ‘Dance Monkey’ made waves worldwide, but who is Tones and I?

The singer began busking on the streets of Byron Bay, a coastal town in the south-eastern Australian state of New South Wales, in 2017.

Since then, she’s put out her debut EP, ‘The Kids Are Coming', featuring songs about fear of failure (‘Never See The Rain’) and the inspiring rise of her fellow Gen Z peers, (‘The Kids Are Coming’).

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What does a perfect day look like for Tones and I during lockdown? At the time of the interview, she revealed to Martin Bester that she went to the grocery store, played basketball, and wrote a song.

She is currently in lockdown with her best friend and admits there have been no fights so far! 

The singer is planning to come to South Africa as soon as the lockdown is lifted. 

Let's do a quickfire round with Tones and I?

Instagram or Twitter: Instagram

New Zealand or South Africa: South Africa

Red or white wine: Red

Post Malone or Billy Eilish: Post Malone

Siya Kolisi or Michael Hooper: Siya Kolisi

Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin: Joe Exotic

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