Miley Cyrus wearing SA designer’s clothes

Miley Cyrus wearing SA designer’s clothes

Thebe Magugu is a young designer based in Johannesburg but is originally from Kimberley.

Miley Cyrus Thebe Magugu
Source: Twitter/Thebe Magugu

'Thebe Magugu' is a luxury South African brand.

Thebe says: “We constantly seek new ways of presenting women & men with clothing that embraces and enhances their everyday experience. Sleek, forward-looking design intersects with motifs & details that draw from our continent’s storied past, complex present and exciting imagined futures, providing smart, multifaceted clothes that mirror the inspiring qualities of the people they are made for.”

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Despite starting his fashion brand in South Africa, the world is getting used to seeing the local designer’s items abroad.

Miley Cyrus was spotted wearing the ‘Strappy Red Suit’ from Thebe Magugu's Menswear collection while sitting in a private jet!

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