"People are afraid. So are we” – South African doctor

"People are afraid. So are we.” – South African doctor on COVID-19

A South African doctor is pleading with the general public to take the coronavirus pandemic very seriously.


A South African doctor who is working in the private healthcare sector is pleading with South Africans to take the COVID-19 virus seriously. 

Travel bans have also been implemented on travellers from high-risk countries and citizens are advised to stay indoors and self-isolate. However, doctors in South Africa has never had to deal with a pandemic like this.

South Africans are doing what they can but a doctor is advising citizens to be extra careful. 

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“People out there need to be responsible. To self-isolate or this pandemic might spread as it did through China and Italy. 

"South Africa does not have the capacity of what will come. We cannot build hospitals within seven days. Flatten the curve and take responsibility for your health and safety. Do it now. Do it as of today.”

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