Family performs Bob Marley hit while in self-isolation

Family performs Bob Marley hit while in self-isolation

Music is an incredible way to reduce stress and anxiety for the whole family!

Father and daughter self-isolate
Fabio Marziali/Facebook

South Africans were living relatively ‘normal lives’ until President Cyril Ramaphosa declared the coronavirus outbreak in South Africa a national disaster on Sunday evening. 


Travel bans have also been implement on travellers from high-risk countries and citizens are advised to stay indoors and self-isolate. 


South Africans are now practicing this effective precautionary measure to protect those around us. 

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A family in Rome posted a heart-warming video of a day in their lives at home and it had everyone dancing around them, from their own apartments, of course. 

Fabio Marziali, dad and father said, ‘Hopefully, these hard times will pass soon and we will be stronger than before and maybe more caring for each other and for our planet. Let's teach our kids kindness and compassion. we want nothing but the best for them.’

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