Petrol attendant's simple act of kindness leaves SA in tears

Petrol attendant's simple act of kindness leaves SA in tears

Petrol attendant Cynthia Nkabinde left social media users feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside after a simple act of kindness.

Petrol attendant's simple act of kindness leaves SA in tears
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We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: South African petrol attendants are just the best.

Listen to Cynthia Nkabinde's full story here:

There are numerous stories on the internet of petrol attendants who made their customers' days by singing, making them laugh or lending a hand, and Cynthia’s story is no different.

The Good Things Guy recently reported that Cynthia first met Zanje Faure when she was Faure’s saving grace by helping her with petrol money.

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A while after this amazing act of kindness, Faure unexpectedly reunited with Cynthia at the Midwater Engen in Middelburg.

While on her way to little Livan’s birthday celebrations, Zanje stopped for some petrol.

During their stop, young Livan told the petrol attendant that it was his birthday.

Cynthia naturally congratulated him but also decided to spread kindness once again.

She surprised the young boy by popping a R20 note through the car window, saying that was all she had to give.

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According to The Good Things guy, Livan first didn’t want to accept the money, but later came around.

He thanked Cynthia by getting out of the car and giving her a warm hug.

Watch the moment here.

Faure decided to repay Cynthia’s kindness and rallied her friends and followers on social media to help her raise money for the petrol attendant.

They managed to raise R4,000 for Cynthia!

Watch her reaction here.

To spread the kindness even further, Martin Bester gave Cynthia and Zanje each R2,000 from the Good Morning Angels Fund. 

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