Popular clothing brand comes under fire for R199 enamel mug

Popular clothing brand comes under fire for R199 enamel mug

Okay, but surely it can't be that expensive... 

Enamel Mug
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Once a staple in households across South Africa, it seems the enamel mug is now a trendy must-have!

South Africans all over Twitter have called out a popular clothing brand for selling a single enamel mug for R199.

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The outrage comes as other retailers charged substantially less for a similar mug, as the enamel mug is a staple in many households across South Africa.

According to their website, the retail giant sells the mug, which comes in pink, blue, and green, along with a matching bowl and plate for an additional R399.

A similar mug can be bought for just R9.99 at other retailers in South Africa.

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In a truly South African way, Twitter users had some hilarious responses to this outrageous price.

One or two Twitter users, however, said they wouldn’t mind paying that amount.

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