Pretoria man helps deliver his domestic worker’s baby

Pretoria man helps deliver his domestic worker’s baby

“The baby was already coming out and I realised that I was going to have to help,” he said.

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Johan Combrink from Gezina told Martin Bester on Monday morning how he helped deliver his domestic worker’s baby.

Combrink said his domestic worker did not know that she was pregnant. She complained about a pain around the area of her ovaries. “She had only complained about a great pain on her ovaries that morning and my wife gave her painkillers,” remembers Combrink.

Combrink said it happens when you do not know you’re pregnant.

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Combrink said he stayed home that morning and the next moment he heard a scream. When he ran to Lolly, the domestic worker, he saw her water had broken.

Needless to say, Combrink took her room’s window blinds and cut the umbilical cord: “We had nothing to cut it off, so I had to use one of the ropes on the blinds.”

A healthy baby girl was born and mom and baby are doing well. What a story! 

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