South African private school launching 'afternoon-only' classes for late sleepers

South African private school launching 'afternoon-only' classes for late sleepers

A private school in Durbanville will launch an alternative afternoon learning schedule to "free up" some students' morning schedules. 


Curro's Durbanville High School has announced that they will launch CurroPM, an 'afternoon-only' class schedule for students who wish to have later classes. 

According to Business Tech, the JSE-listed independent school group announced that the alternative learning schedule will be implemented in 2023. 

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Learners will be able to choose 'afternoon-only' classes, or the group might implement a combined learning schedule (morning and afternoon) depending on students' "passions and routine". 

The 'afternoon-only' classes will be held between 13:45 and 18:30. Students can also access remote live classes with a chance to review recorded lessons. 

According to Business Tech, Curro confirmed that “with this new offering, freeing up the morning time means that academic overachievers can sleep late after burning the midnight oil, budding sports stars can enjoy some valuable training, and introverts can avoid large social gatherings like registration and assemblies”. 

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Riaan Stroebel, the executive head at Curro Durbanville, said that this alternative learning schedule "recognises that every learner is different".

“Personalised learning is known to boost engagement, responsibility, and productivity while reducing anxiety and stress.”

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