Restaurant advert has artists hot under the collar

Restaurant advert has artists hot under the collar

"Are you a starving artist - Then come play for 40 minutes and get a free steak and a beer.”


This is what a Gauteng restaurant offered to musicians and artists who are struggling after the effects of lockdown. 

As the regulations have started to relax, more industries have opened, but artists have not been able to return to normality and perform.  

The ad, which started circulating on Facebook this week, upset South African artists. The manager of the restaurant does not think the wording of the ad is that bad.

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Musicians disagreed, and took it personally.

Martin Bester believes there are certain pubs and clubs who cannot afford musicians. "However, there’s a fine line. A musician cannot pay rent with exposure."

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Source: Facebook screenshot

The ad has since been deleted, as well as the restaurant’s Facebook page. 

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