Russia's new 'McDonald's' opens its doors

Russia's new 'McDonald's' opens its doors

Following McDonald's' exit from the Russian market, restaurants have reopened under a new name...

McDonalds sign

On Sunday, former McDonald's restaurants reopened their doors with new a new logo, branding, and name. 

The restaurant rebranding came after McDonald's announced its exit from the Russian market. The world-famous restaurant is one of many brands that withdrew from the Russian market due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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A new Russian franchise bought out McDonald's and reopened under the name 'Vkusno & tochka'. According to The Guardian  'Vkusno & tochka' translates to "Tasty and that’s it."

The new Russian fast-food chain opened 15 restaurants in Moscow but plans on reopening all 850 previous McDonald's restaurants. 

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According to BBC News, the rebranding and reopening is set to "comfort" Russian residents who have become accustomed to western brands and food. 

See the new logo below:

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