Russian space rocket debris falls over Johannesburg

Russian space rocket debris falls over Johannesburg

The "meteor" sighting in Johannesburg on Sunday is said to be Russian space rocket debris. 


Damn, it wasn't a meteor or UFO!

Carmel Ives, the vice-chairperson of the Astronomical Society of SA (Assa), confirmed that the debris was from a Russian SL-4 rocket's upper stage.

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According to Ives, she could tell it was space junk because of the speed at which it moved. 

“It is space junk rather than a meteor as it is moving slowly, at 20,000 to 30,000km/h, and breaks up into several pieces. Meteors travel at 70,000 to 80,000km/h and appear as a single streak.” 

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Ives spotted the space debris from Midrand on Sunday night. 

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