South African Casper du Plessis escapes Afghanistan

South African Casper du Plessis escapes Afghanistan

Listen to the full interview below. 


According to Jacaranda FM News, devastating scenes of Afghans trying to flee as the Taliban moved in to Kabul have been circulating on social media since the weekend.

There are reports of South Africans who live in Afghanistan being affected by the unrest. 

One such South African, Casper du Plessis, spoke to Breakfast with Martin Bester who fled Kabul on the 8th of August after a bomb went off outside their accommodation in Kabul. 

According to AFP, it came as Taliban fighters flooded the streets of Kabul, with panicked citizens rushing to the airport to try and find a flight out of the country. 

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Du Plessis was working on a contract for a security company and made the call to get out just before all commercial flights were stopped and the Taliban took control of Kabul.  

“You could see things started changing rapidly. We were in a good neighbourhood. Luckily, we had protection on the windows. We would see the way the maps changed (the red areas are where the Taliban is taking over)."

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Image credit: AFP

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