Urgent plea for flamingo rescue in Pretoria

Urgent plea for flamingo rescue in Pretoria

Mike Bolhuis joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to shed light on the urgent flamingo rescue appeal taking place in Pretoria.

Mike Bolhuis with baby flamingos/Supplied
Mike Bolhuis with baby flamingos/Supplied

As a result of adverse climatic conditions, the Kamfersdam in Kimberley where a colony of lesser Flamingos breeds annually has started to dry up. As a result, hundreds of young chicks are in dire need of rescue. 



On the weekend 900 chicks were collected from the drought-stricken Kamfersdam in Kimberley is a breeding colony for the flamingoes.

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Bolhuis adds, ‘It became under my attention, I got my people together and we are making a plan.’



‘What went wrong?’, Martin Bester asked.


‘It is definitely because of human neglect. The sewerage system is not working at all and that is one of the reasons why the dam does not have sufficient water. You see this daily and nobody was helping. We got many people to step up and I thank them for that. Even the MEC stepped up.’

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Martin Bester thanked Mike Bolhuis for everything he is doing for the flamingos. 

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