Johannesburg woman’s faith restored as valuables returned

Johannesburg woman’s faith restored as valuables returned

A Johannesburg woman thanked her lucky stars when her cellphone was returned to her by a good Samaritan. 

Smaragda Louw and Maphuthi
Smaragda Louw and Maphuthi/Facebook

Smaragda Louw made a lengthy post on Facebook detailing how she lost her cellphone and how she got it back.  

Many people have lost their phones but have not been as lucky as Louw has been. 

Louw said: ’Scatter-brained, with lots of brain cells no longer functioning, and trying to pay attention to a million things at the same time, I left my cell phone in the loo at O R Tambo yesterday evening.’

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We all know the feeling. Horror! 

‘Get into the car to drive home, and horror! No Bluetooth connection! My whole life is literally on this phone. Yes, it’s backed up, but I want this thing in my hand, because seriously, who can even attempt to live without a phone, even if it’s just for a few days?!’

Louw thanked Maphuthi who took public transport to meet her at a shopping centre in Tembisa and kept her cellphone safe.

Louw said with a grateful heart: ‘Maphuthi, thank you for the opportunity to meet you, for your kindness, your warmth and for being just exactly the kind of person OUR South Africa is made up of.’

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