The reality behind being ripped-off while on holiday

The reality behind being ripped-off while on holiday

Nothing spoils the fun more than a holiday rip-off.

December holiday
December holiday/Pixabay

Nobody wants to pay more than they should for something, especially when on holiday.

Well, the Breakfast Team feel like their recent experiences totally ruined the fun for them.

Martin Bester was outraged about the price of the items in a hotel bar fridge. 

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Liesl Laurie recently moved into her new apartment during the holidays and needed a fridge. The same fridge is just R3,000 a month later!

Elma Smit had a bad experience with pricing in Cape Town. She wanted fish and chips and could not get any meal for under R130.

Poor Schalk Bezhuidenhout also found himself at the bottom of the rip-off food chain while in Asia.

Have a listen below:

Have you ever been ripped off while on holiday? Let us know below.

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