Martin Bester’s R100 000,00 Secret Sound: List of incorrect guesses

Martin Bester’s R100 000,00 Secret Sound: List of incorrect guesses

Have you entered Martin Bester’s R100k secret sound competition? 

Martin Bester R100 000 Secret Sound
Martin Bester R100 000 Secret Sound/Supplied

What would you do with R100,000? 

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Well, Breakfast with Martin Bester is giving you the opportunity to pocket the cash in the 'Secret Sound'. 

With so many guesses already sent in through SMS on 37942, none of them have been the correct answer... yet. 

Do you think you know what the Secret Sound below is?

Before entering Martin's R100 000 secret sound competition, make sure you read the Ts & Cs.

To make it a little easier for you, we thought we would list some of the incorrect guesses. Here are the latest incorrect guesses:

Tuesday, 16 July

Walking over gravel

Coins being shaken inside a 'piggybank'

Shaking a half empty half full box of matches

Friday, 12 July

Throwing cappuccino /coffee stirrer sticks into a glass jar

The sound is coming from container and toothpicks

Ball container with Lego blocks

Thursday, 11 July

When Elton John opens up a bottle of capsules and throwing it onto a glass table

Holding Canderal Sweetener in your hand and then dropping it

Paper clips container

Wednesday, 10 July

An almost full green bottle of tick tacs being poured into a small ceramic bowl

Plastic serial bowl being used when Reese’s puffs is hitting the bottom of the bowl

Peanuts in a can being shaken

Tuesday, 9 July

Coffee beans that you throw in the coffee machine if you refill it

BB gun bullets being thrown into a plastic bowl


Monday, 8 July

Toothpicks in a container being turned upside down

Dropping keys in a bowl 

Plastic bottle with chewing gum in it

Friday, 5 July

When you open a tic tac bottle, tipping take one out causes the sound

Martin spilling his bottle of vitamins onto a glass table top

Bowling Machine

Thursday, 4 July

A wrist watch, it's the mechanism of the clock running when shaken, while on arm the rotor spins around in case, winds gears running, the rotor that swing with 2 ratchets, to wind main spring, click wise motions

The releasing of gas just before lighting the stove plate for cooking

Wednesday, 3 July

Vertical blinds pulled open

Wooden Sliding door opening at medium distance. Top rail perspective

Giving your dog/cat food pellets

Tuesday, 2 July

A blender at the end of its cycle blending a milkshake/smoothie

Throwing Aromat on popcorn

Ready-made whipped cream being squirted out of its canister

Monday, 1 July

Notification of your phone

Lighting and smoking a pipe. If the pipe is not broken in or the tobacco is to moist it makes the gurgling/crackling sound

The first bit of sand that hits the glass on the opposite side of an hour glass once it is turned over. The more sand that goes thru, the quieter it becomes

Friday, 28 June

Bubblegum balls rolling down dispenser

Stun gun

Throwing tablets out of a bottle onto little tray to count

Thursday, 27 June

When taking off jewelry and throwing it in a glass bowl

Marbles in a trick-stick

Cake decoration balls in a tin

Wednesday, 26 June

Tennis Ball and valcro toy

 Bingo or lotto balls

Hard steel balls dropped into aluminium bucket

Monday, 24 June

Clean something from the floor with a manual cordless carpet sweeper. 

A walkman tape recorder

Pouring Swarovski crystals flatback rhinestones in a cup. 

Thursday, 20 June

Dragging a paper page to you over another paper page with your fingers

Dropping needle pins out of container

It is dominos falling over

Wednesday, 19 June

It is a scuba diver mouth piece when diver breathes air out you hear the bubbles which is then the sound


Gsxl shredder that make the secret sound when you shred n piece of paper


An empty cream canister makes used for whipped cream makes when it is almost empty

Tuesday, 18 June

Put Star Dust Popping Candy into your mouth and pops when moist

Precession music instrument

When you scratch the burnt part of your toast

Friday, 14 June

Closing a snackwitch maker with bread inside

Emptying a packet of cup a soup, containing vegetables, noodles and croutons 'dry' before adding water into a mug

Antique camera that uses a bulb as a flash

Thursday, 13 June

Sharpening a knife

Bristles of a broom makes when sweeping

Electric pepper grinder

Wednesday, 12 June

Smoke Making Machine

Slurping on ice coffee

Water being poured over ice

Tuesday, 11 June

Pouring Astro's into your popcorn

Someone drawing on or inhaling a vape

The sound that a coffee machine makes then it is finished

Monday, 10 June

An electric beard shaver trimmer when on it rotates that’s what makes that sound


Coins being thrown in a car's ash tray


I think the secret sound is when you throw popcorn pips into a popcorn machine before you switch it on to pop

Friday, 7 June

A baby toy that has a button on top that you push then the balls inside starts to turn 

When you pull the cord on a Verimark Twister Dicer

It is a slush puppy poured into a paper cup

Thursday, 6 June

Old landline telephone that's being spun while dialling a number

 Fidget spinner

 Microphone is on and it rubs against something before you speak or before you turn it off

Wednesday, 5 June

Jewellery bangles clicking 

Secret sound is a dog’s soft plastic toy with treats inside

Candy covered chocolate being poured into a plastic container

Tuesday, 4 June

Rocks thrown into a container

Venetian blind 

When you unlock a security gate trelly door and slide it open

Monday, 3 June

Necklace falling into a wooden bucket

Dog’s raw hide ball type chew-able toy with treats inside

Packaging material

Thursday, 30 May

Vacuum cleaner

Coffee being blended

That small lotto toy that works with batterie

Wednesday, 29 May

The sound is made when you turn a kaleidoscope to view the different patterns inside

Resetting the pins on a pin-art desk toy

Fishing reel

Tuesday, 28 May

Making French toast. Dipping bread in egg mix and onto hot frying pan to cook for breakfast

Sound the nespresso machine makes when you are making coffee and the machine runs out of water and you open the capsule release

Monday, 27 May

The sound is a wooden hand drill with the handle that you spin with your hand

Switching on a grinder

Pulling the shower tap leaver to open the water in the shower

Friday, 24 May

Machine counting the money at the bank

Electric 'machine' sharpening pencils

Opening and closing of a gas bottle

Thursday, 23 May 

Pouring cereal in a bowl

Pot with warm oil and testing the heat of it to put first potato in

Winding up toy car then letting go

Tuesday, 21 May

Pressure cooker

Putting meat in a pan with a bit of oil

Genesis Hand Held Steam Iron container running on empty 

Monday, 20 May

Throwing Canderel tablets into a Canderel dispenser. 

Peppercorns moving inside a pepper mill. 

Wednesday, 15 May

Pharmacist counting your medical pills in his counter plate he throws the pills in a plastic bottle

Vape device. When you click the vape device button to activate the coil

Plastic bottle that has Tic Tac peppermints in

Monday, 13 May

Pouring raw macaroni into a plastic bowl.

 Pouring my little Checkers mini Lego building blocks on to a table.

 Empty a coffee sachet into a cup.

Friday, 10 May

Fill a pepper mill with peppercorns.

Cheerio's Cereal when you dropping it out the box.

Thursday, 9 May

Sound is striking a match on a matchbox.

 Sucking through a straw in a paper cup with ice in.

 The sound coffee maker makes.

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