Vegan men regarded as less suitable for “masculine jobs”

Vegan men regarded as less suitable for “masculine jobs”

A new study shows that men who are vegan were considered less suitable for stereotypical masculine jobs.

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Whether it’s for health reasons or environmental reasons, more and more people are opting for plant-based diets these days. 

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But a new study shared by Daily Mail showed that men in particular who opt for a plant-based diet are assumed to be less inclined to do stereotypically masculine jobs.

The report states that “meat consumption is traditionally associated with masculinity and masculinity, in turn, is often viewed as a measure of competence”.

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‘’Vegan men can be seen as less masculine, so with less stereotypical masculine traits,’’ the researchers said.

838 participants were asked to assess eight random versions of a fictitious resume of men and women who were supposedly applying for jobs.

‘’Vegetable cooking’’ or ‘’cooking’’ were added to these resumes to differentiate between meat eaters and non-meat eaters.

Half of these resumes were applications for a psychologist (stereotypically seen as a feminine job), and the other half was for a financial analyst (stereotypically seen as a more masculine job). 

As you could’ve guessed, the “vegan” men who applied for the financial analyst job scored 4.77 for competence, whereas meat eaters scored 4.92. 

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More interestingly though is that the “vegan” men scored 5.3 for warmth and meat eaters only scored 4.26.

“Male vegans who submitted resumes for a psychologist role, meanwhile, reported 4.66 and 4.92 for ability and warmth,” said the report.

“Carnivores averaged 4.1 and 4.43, respectively.”

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