American TikToker tells haters to "v*%tsek" in South African-inspired song

American TikToker tells haters to "v*%tsek" in South African-inspired song

“Middle fingers to my haters, yelling voetsek!”

Nilla Allin - TikTok
Instagram/ Screenshot - Nilla Allin

American singer and TikTok sensation, Nilla Allin, was so inspired after her visit to South Africa that she wrote a song about it.

Listen to the song here: (WARNING: Explicit content)

In April, Allin travelled to Cape Town with her family where she shared many TikToks and Instagram reels about her time in South Africa. 

The TikToker, who has more than 1.2-million followers, also created a South African alter ego for herself – Thandeka

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On her arrival back home, she quickly jumped to write and record a song based on her experience in South Africa. She also introduced her new alter ego. 

"That's why they call me Thandeka," she captioned a post on Instagram, announcing the new song, ‘Voetsek.

In her new song, ‘Thandeka’ also references loadshedding, saying: “I shine bright. I’m the light during loadshedding.” 

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“Face real pretty and body real lekker”.

 Some other South African slang words making an appearance, including “Shame” and “Eish”.

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