VIDEO: Violent Kyalami Estate fight hits the internet

VIDEO: Violent Kyalami Estate fight hits the internet

Is this another 'Hugo, bel die polisie' fight? A viral fight has hit the internet - this time in Kyalami.

Kyalami Fight
Screenshot / Twitter

In 2019, the 'Hugo, bel die polisie' fight went viral in South Africa. 

The footage showed a fight between a local family, viciously arguing and fighting. It spread like wildfire on social media.

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Now it's 2020's turn to experience a fight that shocked South Africa. 

In the new video, a group of men are seen fighting - swinging around what looks like swords in the street. 

One of the guys in the video can be heard screaming that they should break up the fight.  


Jacaranda FM will update the story as soon as more information is released. 

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