WATCH: A cat fearlessly climbs through Christmas tree

WATCH: A cat fearlessly climbs through Christmas tree

How do you keep your cat out of the Christmas tree? A TikTok user said it's best to traumatise your cat with the tree...

Christmas Tree

A video is currently doing the rounds on social media of a cat climbing fearlessly through a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. 

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In the video, the cat is seen climbing without fail through the tree before poking out its head.

But how do you keep your cat out of your Christmas tress? 

On Monday, 29 November, TikTok user Becca Richards posted a video shaking her Christmas tree at her cat.

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“I saw a TikTok that said if you traumatise your cat with your tree before putting it up, they will leave it alone,” she said.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 26-million times, she repeatedly thrusts the top of the tree at her cat Stella, who jumps away in fright each time.


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