WATCH: Cape Town driver uses trolley as fourth wheel

WATCH: Cape Town driver uses trolley as fourth wheel

A video went viral on social media after a driver was spotted using a makeshift trolley as a fourth wheel. Watch the moment below. 

Cape Town Driver Uses Trolley As Fourth Wheel

South Africans have seen pretty much everything this year. But a driver using a trolley as a fourth wheel? That's hopefully not an everyday occurrence.

A video recently went viral on social media of a white Opel Corsa sedan driving in Cape Town with only three wheels.

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There was no fourth wheel but the driver came up with a rather unique and illegal way of using a makeshift trolley to replace the wheel. 

The car's right rear rim was positioned on the trolley, ensuring it was balanced as the motorist made his way through the streets of Cape Town.

Watch the video below: 

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Image Credit: Twitter

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