WATCH: Tom Hanks is Geppetto in the new live-action 'Pinocchio'

WATCH: Tom Hanks is Geppetto in the new live-action 'Pinocchio'

The classic Disney movie 'Pinocchio' is getting a live-action remake! 

Tom Hanks as Gepetto in Pinocchio live-actions
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The teaser trailer for the upcoming 'Pinocchio' live-action remake was released on Tuesday.

In the teaser trailer, Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks can be seen playing the role of Geppetto, Pinocchio's creator. 

The American actor is nearly unrecognisable with grey hair, a grey moustache, and small oval-shaped glasses. 

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The trailer teases beloved characters, scenes, and songs from the original film, as well as a star-studded cast. 

The original film, which is based on an Italian children's novel, 'The Adventures of Pinocchio', was released in 1940.

According to E! News, the film has been in development since 2015. 

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The star-studded cast also includes Cynthia Erivo as 'Blue Fairy', Luke Evans as 'The Coachman', Joseph Gordon-Levitt as 'Jiminy cricket' (voice), and Keegan-Michael Key as 'Honest John' (voice). 

'Pinocchio' will premiere on September 8th.

Watch the teaser trailer here:

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Image Credit: YouTube/ Screenshot


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