WATCH: Tom Cruise takes James Corden on vintage fighter jet

WATCH: Tom Cruise takes James Corden on vintage fighter jet

Actor Tom Cruise piloted a vintage fighter jet and stunned talk show host James Corden with flying stunts. Watch the video below.

Tom Cruise and James Cordon on fighter Jet
Youtube/ Screenshot

'Top Gun' actor Tom Cruise showed off his pilot skills by taking 'The Late Late Show' host James Corden on a vintage fighter jet.

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During the flight, Cruise stunned Corden by pulling off an array of stunts.

In the video, Corden seems both exhilarated and terrified as he switches between laughing and cursing at his pilot.

This comes after Cruise also convinced Corden to jump out of a plane four years ago. 

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This time Cruise came back to 'The Late Late Show' to convince the host to go on yet another exhilarating adventure with him.

Corden was left stunned as Cruise got to show off his flying skills. 

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Photo Credit: Youtube/ Screenshot

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