Woman and son alive to tell their hijack story on Breakfast with Martin Bester

Woman and son alive to tell their hijack story on Breakfast with Martin Bester

Gerda and her son experienced a nightmare on Friday night.

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Gerda and her son were on their way from Loskop Dam to Johannesburg. Gerda drove the Land Cruiser because she had to transport camping gear as well as her son’s fish baiting equipment. 

Gerda drove to Kempton Park and she took the N12 split. She passed a filling station and there were blue lights with sirens behind her. 

The suspects pushed the mother and son off the road and Gerda pulled off as a blue uniform walked towards the vehicle.

Gerda says: “I just opened my window a little bit. He asked for my license and where we're coming from and where we are going. He asked who the passenger was. Then he asked what was in the car and lit the flashlight in the car. The moment I unlocked my car upon instruction, he pushed the button, both doors on Josh's side slammed open and my door.”

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Crime doesn’t sleep, at all. South Africa’s safety and hijack prevention expert Richard Brussow joined the conversation to share his tips and tricks with Gerda and the rest of South Africa. 

Brussow, director of the National Hijacking Prevention Academy (NHPA), has been investigating hijackings for 21 years and shared their findings from an in-depth analysis of hijackings. 

Listen to Gerda’s ordeal on Breakfast with Martin Bester. 

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