Would you pay R90 000 for a bottle of whiskey?

Would you pay R90 000 for a bottle of whiskey?

A bottle of Whiskey that sells for almost R90 000 has caused quite a stir on social media...

Glenfiddich Whiskey
Facebook/ Screenshot

We're not saying people shouldn't treat themselves to something expensive and luxurious from time to time, but paying almost R90 000 for alcohol seems a little ridiculous. 

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Recently, an advertisement for a R89 999 whiskey that is being sold went viral on social media.

The 40-year-old Glenfiddich Rare Collection was posted on the TOPS at SPAR Noorder Paarl Facebook page.

Glenfiddich R89 999
TOPS at SPAR Noorder Paarl (Noorder Paarl)

As one would guess, the ad attracted quite a response on Facebook.

"If I buy this I better be drunk the rest of my life."

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"By watter college het die bottle wyn gestudeer het hy n masters graad."

"I'm already drunk just by looking at the price."

"Imagine it's your first day working at Tops and you accidentally break this. And they'll deduct it from your salary."

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