WATCH: New trend sees SA prisoners live streaming on TikTok

WATCH: New trend sees SA prisoners live streaming on TikTok

Concerns are growing over an increase in South African prisoners using TikTok to live stream and engage with others on the platform.

Prisoners live stream
TikTok/ Screenshot

Have you ever wondered how bad things really are in South African prisons? Well, now you might be able to ask the prisoners themselves.

An increasing number of prisoners are using the fastest-growing social medium, TikTok, to live stream themselves from prison.

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Ian Cameron, Action Society director of community safety, shared his concern over this new trend. 

Cameron tweeted current videos making the rounds of inmates live streaming from prison. 

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Cameron tweeted: “Receiving increasing reports of convicts doing live-streaming on TikTok, etc from prison. We know things are messed up, but every day I become more aware that criminals in South Africa have more rights than law-abiding citizens.”

Many Twitter users responded by saying, “Nothing new”.

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