You'll never forget 'Verlede Tyd' with this Afrikaans teacher

You'll never forget 'Verlede Tyd' with this Afrikaans teacher

"Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theatre."

You'll never forget "Verlede Tyd" with this Afrikaans teacher
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Teachers are some of the people who have the biggest impacts on our lives.

There are certain teachers you will just never forget, whether it was for the right reasons or all the wrong reasons. 

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One South African teacher definitely made an impact on her children and the rest of Mzansi when a video of her teaching style was shared across social media.

The viral video shows Mam Anzel (@anfreakenzel on TikTok) explaining Verlede Tyd (past tense) to her class.

Many related to the hilarious video and applauded the teacher for her passion and teaching style. 

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The video has garnered over two-million views and 170,000 likes.

Watch the video here:


Show this to your child if they struggle with verlede tyd.

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Image Credit: TikTok/ Screenshot


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