Angel help for Kofifi FM and the people of Westbury

Angel help for Kofifi FM and the people of Westbury

Good Morning Angels and Rentech have assisted Kofifi FM and the Westbury Community Development Trust in spreading hope and helping the Westbury community which is riddled with crime, drugs, and gang violence.

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Westbury is a Joburg suburb near Westdene, Melville, and Sophiatown. It was proclaimed the Western Coloured Township in 1963, with the name changing to Westbury in 1967. 

If you Google the name, chances are you will find numerous stories of crime, drugs, and gang violence. By April this year, more than 40 people had lost their lives due to gun violence.

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You will also find stories and hear the voices of community members who refuse to give up hope that their children would have a better future.  

One of these people is Joseph Cotti. He gave up his job as a founding technician at M-Net to assist the Westbury Community Development Centre Trust by establishing a community radio station to serve the people of Westbury.

They called the station Kofifi FM, reflecting the vibrant music and cultural heritage of neighbouring Sophiatown - focusing on the good rather than the hardship.   

Kofifi FM operates from the community centre and, over the past 14 years, has become the heart and voice of the Westbury community. 

It has become a vital service on which the community has grown dependant for information, entertainment, and hope, but also training and upliftment.

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The recent loadshedding and power instability posed a real threat to the survival of the radio station and community centre operations. 

This resulted in a heavy financial burden on the station, as they had to broadcast from another studio at a great monthly expense.

REQUEST FOR: Kofifi FM, represented by station manager and founder, Joseph Cotti 

ANGEL 1: Rentech, represented by Jaco Weideman 

SPONSORING: Jaco has already visited Kofifi FM to assess their power needs. Rentech will assist Kofifi with inverters and battery power at their station in Westbury as well as at their transmitter site, to the value of R70,000, to enable them to stay on air amid the power supply challenges. 

Rentech will also do the maintenance and services on these systems for two years. 

Jacaranda FM

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund 

SPONSORING: The Good Morning Angels Fund will assist the Westbury Community Development Trust with R50,000 towards their community training and upliftment projects.

Kofifi FM is a recipient of assistance through the Jacaranda FM Community Station Initiative (JCSI). Jacaranda FM started this initiative to provide assistance, mentorship, and training to qualifying community radio stations, as a service to the SA Radio industry.

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