4 Ways to help you stay healthy this winter

4 Ways to help you stay healthy this winter

Here are four tips that can help people stay healthy during winter. 

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It’s generally much tougher to maintain good health in the colder months. Whether it’s the drop in temperatures, the shorter days or the increased chances of picking up a cough or a cold – winter can have a negative impact on our physical and mental health.

We all need to be proactive about caring for ourselves during this global pandemic (and beyond), so here are some fresh ways to boost your everyday routine in order to maintain a healthy outlook on life:

1. Get in flow

Did you read the recently published New York Times article about how many of us are feeling as the world starts opening up again? Whether you label it as “meh” or describe it as “languishing”, the reality is that a lot of us are directionless at the moment. We’re not deeply depressed but we’re certainly not thriving either. 

The author Adam Grant suggests that an antidote to this is “getting in flow”, taking up activities that ground and absorb us. This could be buying some brightly coloured wool and knitting your loved ones a new jersey or beanie. It could be planting winter herbs and vegetables in pots on your balcony. Or doing an hour of online yoga. Whatever immerses you in a project for a brief period of time, regularly, is worth doing. Think about what could get you in flow and make it happen.

2. Shake up your nutrition

Colder weather naturally makes us reach for the heavier meals – whether it’s a cheesy pasta or steaming winter pudding. And while these are totally fine in moderation, we also need to make consciously healthy choices that nourish us, rather than leave us feeling worse. 

Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to food, whether it’s taking a good look at the size of your portions, eating dinner an hour earlier each night, or simply throwing more greens into the dishes you’re already eating. If you’re unhappy with your weight, some medical aids like Fedhealth offer weight management programmes, giving you proactive ways to improve your health, as well as providing you with support along your journey.

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3. Schedule your check-ups

A significant repercussion of this pandemic is that many people have put off their scheduled check-ups and tests. While this is understandable, as we feel that hospitals and doctors have more vital work to do, we can’t continue to avoid them, as this could have other health implications. Did you have your annual mammogram last year? What about getting your blood pressure checked? Your winter social schedule is probably less busy, so take the time to book in any preventative health checks that you skipped last year. 

4. Boost that hydration

It’s easier to up your water intake when the weather is hot, because you’re naturally thirsty. It’s harder in winter when we naturally reach for the coffee or tea, but those have another side effect in that they actually dehydrate us. Buy yourself a nice water bottle and monitor your water intake this way, by aiming to consume a certain number of bottles per day. Not only will this help balance your food intake (as we often eat when we’re actually thirsty), but your skin will thank you too.

It’s particularly important to safeguard our health over a time when we’re all trying to avoid COVID-19, and winter adds another level to this challenge. By taking a proactive approach during a time of uncertainty, at least we can rest in the knowledge that we’re doing all we can to have a healthier and happier winter.

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