5 steps to healthy hair this Summer

5 steps to healthy hair this Summer

Summer’s on the way, which means it’ll soon be time to swop your Winter wardrobe for your fun summer clothes, spend plenty of time outdoors and have loads of fun in the sun. 

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But spending time in the sun and in the pool can wreak havoc on your hair, here’s how to protect it.

Overexposure to harmful sun rays, sweat and pool chlorine can take its toll on your hair. Here are 5 tips to ensure your hair stays healthy and looks good this Summer.

Protect your hair from the sun with a hat
Make sure your hair will be protected when you’re out in the sun by covering it. Not only does this provide extra UV protection, but it also helps your scalp retain moisture.

You can wear a cap, headscarf or a fancy hat for a special function.

Keep your scalp moist
A dry itchy scalp can be so irritating and can also result in dandruff.

Ensure your scalp is well moisturised by washing it once or twice a week with a moisturising shampoo. Also, make sure to keep your hair moisturised by using a conditioner and invest in a good hair oil.

Eat healthy food
Nothing beats a delicious ice-cream cone in Summer. But did you know you could be damaging your hair by indulging in too much of it?

Everyday Health warns that too many sugary foods can lead to a dry scalp and cause flaking, so limit the desserts and trips to the candy jar. 

Stay away from tight hairstyles
You might be attending weddings, functions and parties this Summer, and a ponytail or braids seems like the perfect hairstyle, but did you know that tightening your hair can damage it?

If hair is pulled back too tightly, it can break away from its roots, which can result in splitting, hair weakness, and follicle damage, reports Byrdie website.

If you do decide to stick to tight hairstyles, make sure you do them in moderation and give your hair a break now and again.

Drink water!
During Summer we consume a lot of liquid to keep our bodies hydrated in the heat. Water doesn't only keep your body moisturised, but also your hair and scalp.

According to Head& Shoulders when you don’t get enough water, your skin cells begin to dry up and can flake. This can cause itching and irritation, but more importantly, it can actively damage your skin, and make it more vulnerable to conditions like dandruff. So, ensure you drink lots of water, it's good for your hair!

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