Five ways to ensure you are productive every day

Five ways to ensure you are productive every day

Get a better start to your day by following these five simple steps.

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The way you start your morning can have a negative or positive impact on the rest of your day.

If you are tired of having stressful days and running behind schedule, then you need a better morning routine.

These five steps will help you get on the right track.

1. Drink lemon water

Drinking warm lemon water first thing every morning has many benefits. Not only is it a healthier alternative to drinking coffee, but it also helps with digestion. The vitamin C in lemons is also good for your immune system and collagen production which is good for healthy skin. You can also try drinking lemon tea in the morning.

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2. Yoga/meditation

If you find yourself running around like a cut headless chicken every day then you might want to try meditating in the morning. It will help clear your busy mind for a few minutes so you can start with a clean slate. Find a quiet space in your house and start with simple five-minute meditations. It will be hard to free your mind from stressful thoughts at first, but eventually, you will be able to enter a peaceful state of mind. You can also try doing yoga, which also has many benefits.

3. Plan your day

Once you have had your cup of warm lemon water and your mind has been cleared, it’ is time to plan your day. Setting goals for the day and writing "to-do" lists will help your day run smoother. Put the important things at the top of your list and set reminders if need be.

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4. Ignore social media

A lot of people start their day by reaching for their phones to scroll through their social media feeds. Before you know it, you’d have wasted 30-minutes online. Not only does this waste precious time in the morning, but it can also have a negative impact on your mood. Social media has the power to influence you, and what you see can make you feel sad, annoyed or angry.

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5. Eat a healthy breakfast

One thing you should never do is skip breakfast. A healthy breakfast can help improve your concentration and energy levels. Eating breakfast will also prevent you from overeating later in the day. “Skipping breakfast can lead to you bingeing later on. This is mostly due to excessively low blood sugars. It’s vital to maintain steady blood sugars for portion control and weight loss," nutritionist Teresa Boyce told Mind Body & Soul.


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