Goat yoga is the latest fitness trend

Goat yoga is the latest fitness trend

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Goat yoga the latest trend

This latest fitness trend was created by farmer Lainey Morse, who stated in an interview that her goats got her through an autoimmune disease and a divorce by restoring her “spiritual balance”.

She decided to use her farm, which is situated in Devon, England, to offer two-hour yoga classes, which are already fully booked until September!

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The yoga teacher, Donna McCheyne, stated in a report that it was difficult for the first few classes to go as smoothly as the usual sessions because the goats would chew on their hair or nibble on the yoga mats, but after a while everything went smoothly. 

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Dr Roger Mugford, who is an Animal Behaviorist, stated in an interview with Daily Mail that goats are ideal animals for yoga because they release a “cuddle chemical” oxytocin, which lowers the heart rate.

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